After creating a detailed visual script for the team to review, I sketched a rough storyboard so the team could get a sense of the overall visual flow. This ensured everyone was on the same page about what the final animation would contain in order to prevent lengthy amendments.
Next, I created a more limited set of final quality concept art, very close to how the final animation would look, to again ensure the whole team knew what they were getting and could request any stylistic changes before work on the animation began in earnest.
This was a challenging but highly rewarding piece to work on. I love detail, so this appealed to my aesthetic taste very much. I enjoy working in a 2.5D space - that is, using 2D assets in a 3D animation; and the many hours it took to create the complex but fanciful circuitry structures became quite meditative.
I also enjoy using programming within motion graphic design work, and this required many complex and interconnected programmatic expressions to get the motion just right or to allow flexibility and easy amendment.
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